Upcoming Courses

Public courses open to everyone like the Successful Speaking Skills workshop, are held in central London usually on Wednesdays or Fridays.  If you would like more information about these one-day workshops then click on the Public Courses tab above. To enrol call 020 7407 4552 or email chris@voiceworkslondon.com to confirm the date and then click on the Book Now tab on the far right hand side of this page.

We’re also devising and developing new courses to meet your particular needs.  For example we’ve recently been delivering this new half-day workshop:

Impactful Meetings and Presentations

Imagine for a moment, you’ve been asked to present at a meeting where you know you need to get your audience on board quickly; keep them engaged and leave them clear and confident in both the message and in you.

You know this could be a challenging audience and you don’t have lots of time to prepare.  However, the success of the project relies on your ability to get your audience on side quickly and persuasively, with both passion and authority.

Sound familiar?

Impactful Meetings & Presentations  half-day workshop will give you a selection of quick and easy to apply tools and techniques to tackle situations like this with confidence.

By the way, Tate Galleries liked this course so much they have asked for it to be expanded into a full day course!

If you would like to enrol on a course like this one, either the half day or full day versions, then please get in touch. Call 020 7407 4552 or email chris@voiceworkslondon.com