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Motivating the staff

With the New Year rapidly approaching, and after all the festivities are over, your thoughts might  be turning to how to get everyone in your organisation back to their desks and focused on the year ahead. Not only focused but … Continue reading

Get them boiling mad!

They say there’s only two ways to get an audience motivated to actually do anything and that’s either to make them angry or to appeal to their patriotic nature. It’s not much of a choice is it? But if we’re … Continue reading

Commanding Authority

I’ve just got back from the dentist and got the usual telling off for not flossing every waking moment and, would you believe, I should be drinking fruit-juice and wine through a straw, to stop the acids eroding my teeth! … Continue reading


You know these blogs are chiefly about speaking skills – how we look and sound as well as how we can win over others to our point of view? Well this one is different. It’s about decision making, but it’s … Continue reading

Behaving Badly

I was in Marrakesh last Thursday when the terrorist bomb went off on a roof terrace cafe, just like the one I was sitting in, only a few hundred yards away. The blast and noise from the explosion was enormous! … Continue reading


I have a tendency to stare. As a child I was always being told, ‘don’t stare’. I once found myself staring at the Queen. It’s a long story, but she did what everyone knows to do and gave me a … Continue reading

Alarming Alarms

I’m concerned. Actually, if I’m honest I’m more than concerned, I’m worried. A warning light has been lighting up on the dashboard every time I drive my car. It’s been coming on for months now. There it is, shining brightly … Continue reading

What’s in it for me?

Throughout the recent referendum campaign I was listening out for the simple comment from the opposing camps “well he would say that wouldn’t he?” It seemed obvious to me, but not to any of the journalists I heard or read, … Continue reading

Cut Glass Accents

I went to see Cause Celebre the other night at the Old Vic theatre; an excellent revival of a Terrance Rattigan play first produced in the 1970’s shortly before he died. It’s set in Bournemouth in 1938 and of course … Continue reading

Get on with it!

I’ve always told my clients to show plenty of their personality when delivering a presentation or talk. I’ve gone so far as to say their personality is their trump card. Isn’t it the case that the old adage ‘people don’t … Continue reading