Ten Steps to Great Public Speaking

Here’s ten top tips to make your next presentation a success:

  • Relax yourself physically beforehand if you can. Shake out areas of the body where you know you take tension.
  • Remember to keep breathing and focus on sighing out slowly if you feel panicky or under pressure.
  • Make eye contact with people as they enter the room, if you’re waiting to receive them. Making contact with individuals helps your audience seem friendlier on the ‘divide-and-rule’ principle.
  • If possible warm up your face beforehand by quickly and quietly over-enunciating the gist of what you’re going to say.
  • Give people a good reason to listen to you early on – what’s in it for them?
  • Vary your volume to keep attention and use a confiding technique to really give the material impact.
  • Arrange your material using a list of three as well as comparisons and contrasts to give it maximum accessibility.
  • Use pitch drops to reassure and sound authoritative; use pitch rises to convey enthusiasm and excitement and that you are making suggestions rather than assertions.
  • You can’t overdo evidence of how much you have considered your listeners; their fears, prejudices and expectations.
  • Finally rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.