Talking Persuasively

What can we say or do to win over a potential new customer or client? Is persuasion really an art or a skill we can acquire? Have you ever wished you were more influential? This autumn Voiceworks is running a series of one day workshops devoted to making you more persuasive – and help you realise that goal. In today’s increasingly competitive business environment most businesses that succeed employ tried and tested influencing techniques. This workshop is insightful, practical, highly participative and draws on sound psychological theories.

Look and sound like you mean it!

Equally important, remember your audience will judge you not only by what you say but also on how you appear and sound. Don’t let a lack of confidence or stage fright ruin your pitch for new business. This workshop will also polish your delivery so you can really impress everyone with your products and services.

Rave reviews! Everyone who came on the last course said they’d recommend it, with comments like: ‘very good’ – ‘excellent’ – ‘unique’ – ‘informative’ – ‘I Ioved it’ – ‘I was hooked’ – ‘very useful’ – ‘practical tips I can take away’ – ‘really motivating’ – ‘inspiring’ and ‘highly beneficial’.

Pick up a few tips NOW by watching the video