Presentation Skills Masterclass

Will you be required to speak at the next company AGM? Are you dreading having to deliver a conference talk? Could your audience be critical, difficult or even hostile? Will your nerves leave you tongue tied?

This two-day programme is suitable for all levels of ability and allows time for each delegate to develop and broaden their style through a series of brief presentations. The course covers not only the effects of body language and tone of voice, but also the effect of language. Techniques that persuade and influence are considered and practiced. Structures are suggested to help you create images and visions that have a powerful effect on an audience – that may very well leave them not only convinced, but inspired.

Delegates who chose this course in the past included: IT Applications Managers, Actuaries, Transportation managers, Corporate Social Responsibility Officers, Product Analysts, Retail Buying Administrators, Direct Marketing Campaign Co-ordinators, Client Managers, Customer Services and Advertising Account Executives.

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