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Stop being so nice!

I’m somewhat dismayed to have just realised that I’ve been running presentation skills workshops for the John Lewis Partnership for twenty-one years. Where has the time gone? The Partnership was one of my first clients and I’m delighted to say they’ve stuck … Continue reading

Who the hell are you?

Hmm… it’s a good question. To be honest I’m not really sure who I am sometimes; are you? You see my personality keeps changing according to who I’m talking to, or according to my differing circumstances. Does that ever happen … Continue reading

Commanding Authority

I’ve just got back from the dentist and got the usual telling off for not flossing every waking moment and, would you believe, I should be drinking fruit-juice and wine through a straw, to stop the acids eroding my teeth! … Continue reading

Cut Glass Accents

I went to see Cause Celebre the other night at the Old Vic theatre; an excellent revival of a Terrance Rattigan play first produced in the 1970’s shortly before he died. It’s set in Bournemouth in 1938 and of course … Continue reading

Get on with it!

I’ve always told my clients to show plenty of their personality when delivering a presentation or talk. I’ve gone so far as to say their personality is their trump card. Isn’t it the case that the old adage ‘people don’t … Continue reading

Devilish Detail

Working with John Lewis Systems is always an odd delight. My jaw begins to slowly drop as they explain to me with such enthusiasm, their love of the technical. While they reminisce about a computer game they played and fell … Continue reading

But how do you feel?

Our educational system doesn’t encourage us to reveal our own personal thoughts and opinions. The best you can do is quote what the experts think and perhaps hint at whether you agree with them. This was very much the approach … Continue reading

Don’t tell anyone but…

I’ve been booked to help a global media agency with a pitch for some new business. It’s all rather exciting as I’ll be flying out to Singapore to help the team there. A pitch is really just a presentation with … Continue reading

Speak Up!

Just recently I’ve come across a couple of situations where it’s likely that your audience won’t be able to hear what you’re saying. The first and the most frequent, is simply when you’re not supplying enough volume to be heard … Continue reading

More Selling Yourself

If you’re a regular reader of my blogs, (and if not, where have you been?) you might recall I flew out to Singapore a couple of months ago to help one of my clients with an important pitch. There was … Continue reading