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Who the hell are you?

Hmm… it’s a good question. To be honest I’m not really sure who I am sometimes; are you? You see my personality keeps changing according to who I’m talking to, or according to my differing circumstances. Does that ever happen … Continue reading

Commanding Authority

I’ve just got back from the dentist and got the usual telling off for not flossing every waking moment and, would you believe, I should be drinking fruit-juice and wine through a straw, to stop the acids eroding my teeth! … Continue reading

Behaving Badly

I was in Marrakesh last Thursday when the terrorist bomb went off on a roof terrace cafe, just like the one I was sitting in, only a few hundred yards away. The blast and noise from the explosion was enormous! … Continue reading


I have a tendency to stare. As a child I was always being told, ‘don’t stare’. I once found myself staring at the Queen. It’s a long story, but she did what everyone knows to do and gave me a … Continue reading

Style over substance

The recent production of ‘The Damnation of Faust’ by Berlioz at the London Coliseum opera house is truly amazing – notably because of how it’s been staged by the former Monty Python Terry Gilliham. Gilliham needs no introduction from me … Continue reading

Stand Up Straight!

Despite my drama school training, albeit now some 38 years ago (gulp) which seemed to be three years of being told either to round my vowels or to adopt good posture, I’m prone to stoop.  I tend to look at … Continue reading

Don’t tell anyone but…

I’ve been booked to help a global media agency with a pitch for some new business. It’s all rather exciting as I’ll be flying out to Singapore to help the team there. A pitch is really just a presentation with … Continue reading

It’s Show Time!

I’ve got a client coming over later this week, who’s going to be delivering a presentation in Barcelona to an expected audience of two to three hundred people. Yikes! I doubt he’ll be sleeping soundly the night before. But if … Continue reading

Style over Substance

It’s the party conference season again and I saw that the Prime Minister, David Cameron has been receiving praise for his presentation skills, even from the left wing press. What was rather telling though was that in a poll over … Continue reading

Selling Yourself

There’s a saying I’ve come across a number of times, people don’t buy products and services; they buy people. This really couldn’t be more true when it comes to delivering a pitch for new business – or, as was the … Continue reading