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Who the hell are you?

Hmm… it’s a good question. To be honest I’m not really sure who I am sometimes; are you? You see my personality keeps changing according to who I’m talking to, or according to my differing circumstances. Does that ever happen … Continue reading

Like it or loathe it?

Years ago I used to work in radio. I worked for one of the commercial radio stations that had just opened in London – which says how long ago this was! As a former actor it was thought I’d be … Continue reading

Get P I S T!!!

OK, it’s not the sort of advice you’d expect from these blogs and indeed even the right spelling! That’s because I’m not advocating a night on the tiles – lovely though that might sound – but instead adopting a new … Continue reading

Alarming Alarms

I’m concerned. Actually, if I’m honest I’m more than concerned, I’m worried. A warning light has been lighting up on the dashboard every time I drive my car. It’s been coming on for months now. There it is, shining brightly … Continue reading

A Question of Confidence

I was talked into going to a birthday party at the weekend of someone I hardly knew. I didn’t know the other people there either – except the person I went with. It can be hard work can’t it? Especially when the … Continue reading

House of Horror!

You’d hardly expect the subject of conveyancing to be gripping – and you’d be right. One of my clients, a solicitors practice, has been asked to give a talk on the perils and pitfalls of buying commercial properties. Stay with … Continue reading

Predicting Patterns

If we could predict the future we’d be great survivors. Knowing what’s ahead, what to anticipate, what lies in store would make life so much easier, wouldn’t it?  Not knowing encourages the irrational, like superstitions. Over the course of history … Continue reading

When no one’s around

Rehearsing a talk couldn’t be more important, but it’s something we usually put off for perhaps a number of reasons. It’s hard work; it generates a degree of anxiety as we realise we don’t really know our topic as well … Continue reading

A Casual Art

I’m back from Singapore – please don’t ask me what day it is or what hour, I’m jet-lagged and still feeling bewildered. The trip was a great success, I’m pleased to say. Despite the fact that assembling the group who … Continue reading

Going Off-Piste

I’ve been working with a handful of trainers recently and one member of the group kept getting himself in a terrible muddle. He couldn’t resist the temptation of commenting on what he’d just said. Worse still, he’d get into deeper … Continue reading