Reluctant to Rehearse – The Media Agency

A large and very lucrative contract could be won if this media agency was able to deliver a slick persuasive pitch. The team of five speakers, each specialising in their own area of marketing had been working on the pitch for some time before I met them. They’d created some stylish hand-outs – but had also created hundreds of impenetrable PowerPoint slides. Rehearsing their presentation was like herding cats; it was impossible to get them all into the same room at the same time. With only a few days to go their first rehearsal was a disaster. Their anxiety mixed with their determination to win resulted in either sullen or overly earnest performances. I worked hard on encouraging them to inject enthusiasm into their delivery. Next their excellent ideas were disappearing beneath acres of dry marketing jargon, so illustrations and examples were needed to bring their ideas to life. Lastly the slides had to be severely simplified or cut. All this they did. The presentation improved enormously and they won the pitch.