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Stop being so nice!

I’m somewhat dismayed to have just realised that I’ve been running presentation skills workshops for the John Lewis Partnership for twenty-one years. Where has the time gone? The Partnership was one of my first clients and I’m delighted to say they’ve stuck … Continue reading

Who the hell are you?

Hmm… it’s a good question. To be honest I’m not really sure who I am sometimes; are you? You see my personality keeps changing according to who I’m talking to, or according to my differing circumstances. Does that ever happen … Continue reading

Imp of the Perverse

Put someone under pressure and it’s amazing what they’ll say. I discovered this early on in my short lived career as a radio journalist. I used to run about London with an enormous but supposedly portable tape-recorder, that pulled your … Continue reading

Can I take you home?

It’s a provocative question and it probably worked in grabbing your attention, but I also wanted to ask it for another reason. Making the audience feel they’d like to take you home is a pretty good guide as to how … Continue reading

Like it or loathe it?

Years ago I used to work in radio. I worked for one of the commercial radio stations that had just opened in London – which says how long ago this was! As a former actor it was thought I’d be … Continue reading

Don’t Reward Good Behaviour

Every so often psychological studies throw up results that leave me – and possibly you too – gasping in disbelief. The boffins are now telling us not to reward good behaviour. Surely that can’t be right! What about all those … Continue reading

Can you see yourself?

I’m feeling sorry for myself. I’ve got a cold and am feeling miserable. To cheer me up I’ve taken to the sofa with my latest psychology book: I is for Influence by Dr Rob Yeung. It’s very readable and I‘ve … Continue reading

Get P I S T!!!

OK, it’s not the sort of advice you’d expect from these blogs and indeed even the right spelling! That’s because I’m not advocating a night on the tiles – lovely though that might sound – but instead adopting a new … Continue reading

Do exactly as I say!

God knows I’ve sat through some boring presentations in my time – I think we all have. It’s worse for me though, because I’m a presentation skills teacher. I have to listen! The worst moments are when I realise, somewhat belatedly, … Continue reading

Why won’t you join up?

I was coaching a new client last week, who’s leading a new trade-body for specialist retailers. She’s desperate for more organisations and businesses to subscribe and become members. With more members, subscriptions and dues, the body will be better financed … Continue reading